Counseling service for international Students (BAST)

Important note!!!

Counseling service for international students is cancelled

Due to the spread of the Corona virus, the personal consultation hours are cancelled until further notice.

The counseling service will continue to take place by phone and by electronic means via E-Mail.

Consultation by phone: tuesdays between 13-15pm und thursdays between 10-12am

You can reach us via:

  • phone: 0151/1111 3073 or 0511/3537 4931 (please leave a message with your name and number on the answering machine, we will call you back as soon as possible.)
  • e-mail:

Kindly understand that due to the actual situation limitations and delays may occur.

We will inform you as soon as the personal consultation hours are open again.

Counseling * Information * Orientation * Support

... to questions and problems regarding the study:

  • residence and work permit
  • student financing (scholarship, study fees)
  • Supoort in emergencies
  • health insurance
  • legal and personal problems
  • study and exam problems
  • return to the country of origin

Bremen: Pastor Dr. Andreas Quade, Kontakt:
Kerstin Petrusch, Kontakt:
Braunschweig: N.n.
Clausthal-Zellerfeld: Uwe Brinkmann

Emden: Jürgen Berwing

Göttingen: Ragda Nimer
Hannover: Maureen von Dassel
Hildesheim: Uta Giesel
Kontakt:  und
Lüneburg: Christa Reimers, Kontakt:
Natalia Bay, Kontakt:
Oldenburg: Christian Lühder
Osnabrück: Jeanette Beste

Wilhelmshaven: Benno Gliemann
Vechta: Sabine Prunzel

Other Cities with Counceling Services


Counselation hours

  • Tuesdays: 1pm - 3pm
  • Thursdays: 10am - 12am

Kreuzkirchhof 1-3 | 30159 Hannover

Your contact person

Maureen von Dassel
Tel.: 0511 35 37 49-31
Mobil: 0151 11 11 30 73
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