What is STUBE Niedersachsen?

STUBE-Niedersachsen is a Student Program for students from Africa, Asia and Latin America. STUBE is a development-oriented education program and offers seminars, workshops and other activities related to development issues.

STUBE seminars and activities take place mainly during weekends. They supplement the professional university-studies with issues related to social, economic and cultural situations in the students home country.

The STUBE-program is practice-oriented, interdisciplinary and intercultural.

DATES: weekend seminars

- cancelled -
04.–06. Juni | Springe

Mobilität der Zukunft (engl.)
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10.–12. September | Springe
Studieren in Deutschland – Kooperation mit Studienkolleg Niedersachsen (dt.)

22.–24. Oktober | Goslar
Was kommt nach dem Studium? – Kooperation mit STUBE Nord (dt.)
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19.–21. November | Springe
Die Welt fair-ändern – Soziales Engagement (dt.)
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10.–12. Dezember | Goslar
Sind wir gemeinsam besser? – Prinzipien, Chancen und Widerstände multilateraler Diplomatie (engl.)
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DATES: day seminars

Berufsvorbereitende Praktika- und Studienaufenthalte
(BPSA) – Studientag mit Erfahrungsberichten und
Informationen zur Antragstellung/Einzelfallberatung (dt./engl.)
Planungstag 2022
Tagesveranstaltung noch offen

DATES: Holiday Academy

STUBE Fachakademie Helgoland 18.-23.8.2019
„Eine Insel entdecken: wie nachhaltig ist Helgoland?“
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13.–16. Mai | Goslar
Herausforderung Klimawandel (dt.)
Verstehen, vermeiden und anpassen
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  • Weekend seminars, study days, excursions, courses during semester breaks, workshops and evening
  • events on development-related topics
  • Student leadership training for intercultural and country-specific assignments, for example in local schools and church congregations
  • Support for students’ personal development-related activities at the universities and the university communities
  • Financial support for a development and careerorientated internship or research in the native country (BPSA).
  • Transnational seminars in preparation for return to the native country and setting up a livelihood there
  • Follow-up contact and alumni projects with former participants of the STUBE-programme
Bild: KED/STUBE Niedersachsen

BPSA Program

Scholarship for a development and career orientated internship or research in the native country (BPSA) for students from Asia, Africa and Latin America

Vocational traineeship and study visits (in German = Berufsvorbereitende Praktika- und Studienaufenthalte – abbreviated BPSA) are a program by “Bread for the World", a programme of help instigated by the protestant churches in Germany. The motto behind that work is “justice for the poor”.

BPSA serve to encourage subject-related learning and the achieving of goals connected to the studies. But they also serve to touch base in your home country after having been abroad for a long time. In addition they enable a combination of study contents and of development policy practise.

  • For the preparation of a developing country-related study or
  • for completing a study- or occupation-relevant traineeship during the main studies
  • The minimum duration of the stay should be four weeks.
  • Sole citizenship of a developing country from Africa, Asia or Latin America
  • Student of a university/institution of higher education in Lower Saxony
  • Maximal age: 35 years old
  • No other scholarship
  • Being away from your home country for at least 20-24 month
  • Being in financial need
  • Commitment in development related themes
  • Participation in at least one seminar of the STUBE- development education program
  • An application for BPSA
  • A personal data sheet (curriculum vitae)
  • A study report, which shows the past study process and the study emphasis
  • Detailed specification of the project at the place of destination (this can be the home country or another country of the home region); e.g. which investigations are going to be made, whether you are planning to do a survey, or whether you need to consult any other institutions on location. In the case of a traineeship: at which company and within which range are you going to do your research
  • Recommendation letter of a responsible person in the relevant department
  • Certificate of the traineeship in your home country

The support consists of the payment of the travel expenses to the most favourable tariff and if necessary a health insurance. A lump sum will be refunded as a compensation of the arising cost of living (300,00 € for up to 60 days, more than 60 days: 500,00 € ).

The flight reservation is generally taken over by the STUBE-office.

We need the following supporting documents:

For the preparation of a student research project:
We need a certificate by the responsible lecturer to make sure that the student will be advised while doing his/ her professional assignment. The project ought to be approved of and supported by the tutor. The tutor should also support the application for BPSA. In addition, we need a proof that the applicant doesn’t get any other scholarship.

For a traineeship:
A certificate of the company that a traineeship is offered to the applicant. The period as well as the contents of the traineeship have to be indicated. In the case of a traineeship, which is not an optional part of the study course: the confirmation of the responsible office that the traineeship is approved of and will be accepted. In the case of a traineeship, which is an optional part of the study course: the recommendation of a lecturer that this traineeship is favoured and the request for BPSA supported. In addition, we need a proof that the applicant doesn’t get any other scholarship.

When full benefit has been received, we ask you to do the following:
Please submit an analysis report after having finished the BPSA. The analysis report must be conforming to the STUBE-central-questions (at the latest three months after the return.)

  • Certificate of the realisation of the traineeship
  • The willingness to a personal evaluation/conversation
  • A copy of the student research project or the traineeship evaluation, respectively
  • The willingness to report within the STUBE-activities about the experience you made

You can get application forms for vocational traineeship and study stays from the STUBE office. Please hand in the application for a vocational traineeship and study stays at least eight weeks before the intended travel date.

Once every semester term we offer an information day concerning the BPSA-program. There you will get detailed information about the whole application process. You will meet students who tell about their experience with the BSPA-program. A participation before application is strongly recommended. The dates will be announced in our office or on our homepage.

The BPSA Programm is partial supported by the Bistum Hildesheim.


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Brigitte Hartmann-Hasse
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